April 24th

Today was a slow day, spent most of it by the pool. Reading and working on the blog. Hanging out with Zoe and Alex and enjoying the sun and warm weather. In the afternoon we check out the Spa, very nice! Then for dinner we went out to El Merkado in the Koral Center in San José. A bit of a tourist trap but we had some good Gyro’s and met up with Alex’s friend Polina and had a great evening!

April 25th

Another relaxing day by the pool!

In the evening we went on a super cool art walk in San José. Learned a lot about the history of Los Cabos and how they came to be! Lots of Pirates, Europeans and Churches…

San José square at night
April 26th

Last day at the resort. Ready to get back to the road.

Today Alex became the proud new owner of a Roberts Ketch 45′ sail boat! So next step is figure out how to get her home. We started in on planning the trip from San Carlos New Guaymas to La Paz, Baja California Sur. Six of us will be flying over next thursday to bring her to the Baja! The trip should take about four days and I am sure it will be beautiful!

Happy new boat owners!
April 27th

We left the resort this am and packed up our vans. It’s amazing how much one spreads out when given the space. Finally loaded up, we headed over to the Saturday farmers market. I hung out while Alex and some other local friends did Acroyoga. Then after hanging out and meeting some new friends, we headed over to Kristian and Kates house. Kristian is the one that gave us the History tour at the art walk. He is a really nice guy that comes from a long generation of people from San José and knows a ton about the area. Kate and Kristian are starting a new hostel in San José where people will rent old VW buses to sleep in. The buses are stationary but come from all eras and are very cool! A great spot and definitly worth checking out what they have done on instagram @vwbushostel.

Zoe at the Farmer’s Market
Checking out the new VW Hostel being built
A cool tent for Camping at the hostel

After this Alex, Zoe and I caravanned up to Cabo Pulmo. Cabo Pulmo is a very beautiful place on the East coast of the Baja. It is a protected National park, so no fishing and strict rules around diving and recreation. This allows for very large species of fish and sea life.

Alex had a connection with a scuba diving outfit there, so the plan was to drive up, spend the night and go out on a discovery dive the next day as neither of us had ever dove before. The drive was long and hot, the road in was extremely bumpy! Extreme wash board for about an hour! But we made it there by late afternoon and the beach and surrounding area is awesome and endless beach camping!

setting up camp
April 28th

We got up early and threw up a sun screen and put out lots of water bowls for Zoe. We then walked into town to the dive center.

Soon we met up with Terry who owns the dive school and will also be joining us on the sailing trip! When we got to the dive center we tried on our gear and did a brief over view before heading out to Mermaid beach. A very cool spot with a natural rock formation that looks like a mermaid.

After putting all our gear on and playing with the dials and buttons, we tipped over backwards into the turquoise water. Splash!

We stayed in the shallow water and practiced a few diving drills before swimming over to the reefs. The basic rules are 2.5 meters from reefs at all times, no gloves and no knives. The reef was really cool, lots of tropical fish and we saw an Eel and a giant Cornetfish fish! We did two dives, both lasting around 50 mins each before heading back. A really cool experience and peaked my interest in one day getting certified!

Alex, Pilar and Terry

We then headed back to the van to get Zoe and some R&R before heading North to La Paz.

We made it to La Paz where Alex had got an Air Bnb for 25$USD/nite and it is only a few minutes walk to the Malecón aka the board walk that runs along the La Paz bay! Pretty amazing spot!

The air bnb
The Malecón
April 29th

Today Alex had to work. So Marcia and I went to try and find a place to get our AC’s fixed! She knew of a friend of her Fathers so we headed over there. They could only do her car that day, so we dropped it off and headed back to the Air bnb to meet up with Alex for lunch. That afternoon we explored around the city and sorted through some gear. We found a cool restaurant near by and had some delicious Tuna!

April 30th

Today is the day! I can’t wait to get my AC fixed! It’s so hot here in the middle of the day, it makes me realize why siestas are a thing… it’s too hot to do anything in the middle of the day!

I picked up Marcia around 10am and we headed over to the AC shop. Ki Ki was a very nice older gentleman that spoke very good english. He was great and hooked Milou up to a R-134A drip and she was soon cold as ice! It took about 20 mins and it sure made a difference. And for 40$USD, I was more than happy to finally have cold air 🙂 I definitly will be thanking Ki Ki when I head back up through the desert!

After this Marcia and I headed to the glasses store as she needed to get hers fixed and I wanted to pick up some new contacts. In Mexico it is very nice that you do not need a prescription for contacts and they are about half the price!

Thanks Ki Ki!

That afternoon I headed out to Home Depot for a few supplies and hit up the grocery store. I was not very successful in my adventures and its still hard to get certain products here, but over all they have every thing I need and more.

After HD I headed into town to look for a tortilla press. I did my best in Spanish and got some directions that I understood but mostly ones that I did not… In the end I found a few presses, but none of them were what I was looking for, so I headed back to Milou. My cell phone was dead, so I had to figure out my way back to the Air bnb with no gps, which worked out well and helped me get a better sense of my surroundings 🙂

A dream car of mine 😉 – Mexican HD

Low key night, went for a walk with Zoe and hung out. Tomorrow we pack up for the big sailing trip!!