Feb 5th

More powered today and the sun came out! The skiing was great, my legs where tired but I still got in around 13 runs! After this I bailed and scored a shower in maintenance shop πŸ™‚ Thats pretty good I only went 3 days with out a shower.

Next, I decided to take the shuttle into down town Ketchum ID. I checked out Sawtooth brewery, good little spot with some tasty beer. Then bumbled my way home on the shuttle to snuggle in for a warm winter nap.

Feb 6th

Today was an off day, so I took my time waking up and sorting out all my gear that had finally dried. Drying clothes in Milou is a tricky task as moisture quickly builds up! I picked up some desiccant beads back in Jackson which seem to help a lot, but definitly need to manage the humidity.

desiccant beads

Todays agenda was to find some hot springs, then start making my way to Boise. A friend gave me a tip to some hot springs close by, so I packed up my bag with a towel and drinking water and headed for the trail. Mind you it was -4F this am, so even if I wanted to leave there way no way Milou was going to start. After following a trail along the river I started seeing plumes of steam.

I guess that must be it. There was all sorts of old industrial equipment where they must have been trying to harness the springs at some time. The hot springs consisted of three pools and not a sole was insight. So I de-robbed and in I went! HOTTTTT. The pools where really hot and the main river was too low to diverge cool water into them. My watch read about 116F. This felt like I was being cooked rather then a relaxing soak. I tried for a while to get use to it but it just wasn’t going to happen. So I got dressed and started meandering back down the rive bank. When I came upon a concrete box with a little bench. I thought wow this seems promising!

Hot Pools
Concrete Box

It was a nice temp and someone had rigged up a hose that you could redirect some of the Hot spring water into the box to increase the water temp. This was perfect. I had a very nice relaxing soak! However, when it was time to get out I found that the extra water I added with the hose caused the box to over flow and all my dry clothes and towel where in a puddle. Oh well… I guess my walk back would be a little wet.

Nice spot!
Clothes in a puddle

After getting back, I grabbed my computer and headed to the lodge to dry my gear and finish up my taxes. Then off to Boise to visit my close friends Nate and Nicole.

On my way to Boise, I followed a recreational area sign down into this really cool canyon called Spillway Damn located at the end of Anderson Ranch Reservoir. The walls where about 1300 feet high and the road was dirt with ice and snow on it. I was a bit hesitant to descend down into it, but after getting out and walking around, I felt confident Milou could make the trip. All went well and it looked like a great spot to camp but again the temps where looking to have a morning high of 8F the next day and I didn’t want to be stranded down in that valley till noon so back up the road we went.

Back up the Canyon

Feb 7th

Today I was in Boise running errands. Made some phone calls, did some shopping, washed the salt off Milou, and refilled and equalized my batteries. Then headed over to Nate and Nicoles house in the afternoon.

They have a really cool house that Nate remodeled. We visited a bit, I got settled. Then they took me out to a really cool pizza place (Red Bench Pizza). We had clam pizza which was surprisingly very good! I met some of there friends there, who were awesome and we had a great first night in Boise.

Nate and Nicole’s lovely home:)

Feb 8th

Nate had to do some work today, and Nicole had to run some errands. I did some Laundry and did a once over on Milou. Checking her tires and fluids and greasing all the fittings. I found she was down some oil, not surprising given the time on the road. I also found that she was down on coolant and maybe has a water pump thats starting to near the end of life. I will have to keep and eye on this and address as needed.

Tonight we went out to a cool Mexican restaurant in downtown Boise called Matador. I met a few more of their friends and we had great time on the town! After dinner we did a bit of bar hopping ranging from a fun country music spot to a place called Hanna’s. A place you need to see to understand so if your in town just be open πŸ˜‰

Feb 9th

I am hung over. Nate had to do some work (poor guy). Nicole made some delicious waffles!

Slow day, watched TV and recovered and snuggled with Addie. Had chocolate chip cookies and milk delivered to the house! What a treat πŸ™‚ Had some yummy Pho for dinner and headed to bed early πŸ™‚

Addie was sleepy too πŸ™‚

Feb 10th

Hung out in the morning. Went to Best buy to get a Nate a new Monitor for his office and did some Sunday grocery shopping. Then off to do HOT Yoga in the afternoon! It was really hot and I sweated a lot, but felt better after πŸ™‚ Fish tacos for dinner and Hot tub before bed! Tomorrow I head back East to Bozeman MT.

Thank you so much Nate and Nicole for all your hospitality! I had so much fun and can’t wait to come back for another visit!!!

Feb 11th

Packing up to go. Noticed Milou was leaking a bit of coolant. I found a diesel shop to get a second opinion. We decided it was not that bad and I should just keep an eye on it and see what happens. They where super nice at Deranged Diesel and recommend them if you are in the area.

I attempted to head North West towards the Sawtooth range today. I made it 20 miles past Idaho City before I decided to turn around as the roads where bad (5″ of show on the roads). I was impressed with Milou’s traction but also did not want to get stranded with no cell service in the middle of nowhere. Not the best way to spend 3 hrs, but live and learn and I got to see some cool stuff along the way. Then I attempted to take the road I originally took to Boise only to find it closed 20 mins in…. So a drive that should have been 4.5 hrs turned into 9 πŸ™

Roads starting to get snowy

Oh well I made it! Time for sleep!