The day finally came to pack her up and hit the road! Four days of packing, organizing and re-packing. Who knew so much stuff could fit! Ski’s, climbing gear, bike, fishing rods, guitars, and pillows to name a few.

I wanted to take a moment to thank my grandparents, Gran and Poppy for having such a great place up in Franconia were I could live and work. And thank my Mom and Aunt for letting me use it to build out Milou. I will miss it up there but I am excited to be on the road!

Franconia, NH
Jan 15th

First stop was to Adam and Elysse’s house in Richmond VT, I made it there a bit late due to the plague of last minute packing. Adam took me out to a kick off dinner at the fine establishment of Hatchet in Richmond VT. It was great to see them and hear all about their new little one <3. Thank you!

The first thing to break also happened:/ my rear door handle snapped off… I’ll fix that later…

Jan 16th

I skied at Sugar Bush today. It was cold and I walked out of my binding and jammed my thumb 🙁 not a great way to start out my trip. I thought I broke it but now feel it’s a sprain. I can still ski and climb so all is well. I stayed with Matt and Mandy in Waterbury center. It was very fun to see them and meet the little one. Thank you for some yummy dinner and place to stay!

Jan 17th

I had a second day at the Bush. A bit more sun but still very cold. I had to stop a few times to warm up! Typical east coast skiing.. icy and cold but it felt good to be out! I drove Milou up and over the Ap gap, I mine as well test her out while I am still on the east coast. All went well, except I managed to stall the engine on the down hill and lost powered steering and breaks. Sounds worse then it really was, but a good test and learning experience! Tonight I parked at Justin & Jenny’s. Lots of laughter and libations. Thank you guys for your wonderful Hospitality, Tesla driving, musical entertainment and Mr. Steam ( I think it fixed my thumb 🙂 Also, Henry thank you for playing mouse trap with me!

Henry & Milou- Photo Credit: Jenny Robbins
Jan 18th

Milou got a wash and I stoped by to see Missy in Hinesburg. It was great to see her and show her around. Then off to do some shopping in Williston for life sustaining supplies. As Justin, Jenny and Yukon Cornelius all agreed “Corn meal, Gunpowder and Ham Hocks” were all I needed. Then to swing by and say hi to the IWD gang where the transformations of Milou began.

Before leaving town I stopped by my good friend Andrews house to see him and his kids. It was great to catch up with them and hear about all the new exciting projects in their lives. Then over the pond and thru the woods to Keene Valley, NY to see some friends and find some ice.

Jan 19th

Climbed over at Lock Ness with Jen, Slavo and Miska. Did a few lines in the woods and tried not to freeze! I think the high was 8°f! Great to get out. Enjoyed a fun spaghetti dinner @ the fire station with the gang and then headed to the full moon party at Cascade Ski Center. More drinks were served and dancing began.

Jen & Slavo at Lock Ness
Jan 20th

Jen and I fell asleep to freezing temps in Milou with the heater on full. Woke up to a cozy warm rig and opened the door to see the snow up to the floor boards! Milou did not want to start ( -1°f temps). Plugged her into the garage and was soon up and running!

A Snowy Morning – Photo Credit: Miska Draskoczy

Not much was done today. Shoveled, hung out and did some trip planning! Said good bye to everyone as they trickled out the door, going home to various locations. Next stop Buffalo. It was an epic drive across the state but Milou did well in the snow and chugged right across. Arrived around 3am, so sleep was much needed!

Jan 21st

Waited out the negative temps inside at Anna’s. We caught up, solved the worlds problems and I continued doing some trip research. Anna gave me a great driving tour of Buffalo.
Interesting facts about Buffalo:
-Once home to more millionaires per cap then any other city in the US
-First city to have widespread street lamps, thanks to Niagara Falls
-It’s illegal to throw a snowball at someones head
Thank you Anna for your hospitality and a warm place to stay!

Peace Bridge (Novel concept) -Buffalo NY
Jan 22nd

Warmer toady, leaving Buffalo… Will update soon. Not sure where or how far I will go next. Thinking about heading up towards Michigan.